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Citizens Corner

Tips for citizens(Railway Passengers)

  1. Search the place: On boarding the train before occupying seat / berth confirm that no suspicious article, unclaimed luggage is lying over there. If any abandoned / unclaimed article noticed please inform the Police / Railway authorities immediately.

  2. Beware of explosives: Public should not touch the unclaimed articles like Toys, Bag’s, Suitcase, Radio / Transistor, Tiffin Box, Mobile Phone etc. which could be an explosive, do not get panic inform the nearest police official/ Railway official.

  3. Beware of unknown person: Do not accept any eatable e.g. Biscuit, Samosa, Bread, Ladoo, “Namkin”, Tea, Coffee, Milk, Cold Drink, Water and also “Parsad” from any unknown person / passenger. It may contain stupefying or Poisonous substance to make you unconscious. Before offering such things these unknown persons act to become over friendly and insist upon to eat there offered eatables & shall loot precious property after making unconscious.

  4. Safety of luggage: Do not trust on unknown person to look after for your luggage or articles also do not respond to unknown person to keep his luggage with you to look after.

  5. Beware of criminals: Beware of pick-pocket, cut-pocket, chain-snatchers. Such criminals often commit offence in crowded place.

  6. Precaution during journey: While on journey trust only the authorized vendors & authorized kuli’s.

  7. An appeal to close the shutters of windows is made to Passenger travelling towards Solapur during night hours. Daund to Solapur railway station is having only single track hence trains require to stop at any railway station in section for crossing. The criminals active in this section take advantage of this fact and often commit offence by putting hand from outside the window and snatch valuables of passenger travelling in train and run away with stolen property in dark as this railway stations are remote places and to track the criminals becomes difficult at some time they are also violent and hence it is very essential to shutdown the shutters of windows to prevent untoward incidents.
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